Nola Bar Strawberry Nola

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Strawnola - Nola Bar 60ML E-Juice

You don't have to be a hiker or outdoorsman to recognize this flavor that is meant for on the go use that will make you feel energized and satisfied. Many of us recognize the snack that's inspired this blend as being a snack that we pack along for our lunches and as a quick way to satisfy our stomachs while we are out and about. Whenever it is loaded into your tank, you are going to have the peace of mind that you will be in for a day that is filled with exceptional vaping experiences that will leave you feeling relaxed and satiated, just like a vape break should!  Strawnola starts off with a savory granola bar base that has bold, sweet strawberry bits added into it as well as a drizzle of rich icing over top that will have your mouth watering with delight.