Kilo Dewberry Fruit

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Dewberry Fruit - Kilo Fruit Series 100ML E-Juice

Sit down, close your eyes and allow yourself to be taken on a journey that will make you feel overjoyed, excited and worry-free. Dewberry Fruit by Kilo Fruit Series E Liquid is going to whisk you away on an exotic journey to an island of sunny paradise. Here, the sun shines bright, the waters are crystal clear, and golden brown sands will heat the bottom of your feet. Lounge in a reclining chair, take out your favorite vaping device and inhale a selection of bright, fruity flavors that will have your mind trying to wrap itself around the fact that you're not actually eating the flavors its experiencing. This vape juice has been expertly blended in such a way that even the most prolific of vapers can't distinguish any deviation between the juice and the flavors it recreates.